Cherkasky’s Other Job Going Well

Cherkasky doesn’t only work for the government monitoring the Teamsters. He has remained the President & Chief Operating Officer of Kroll Associates which is part of the Kroll-O’Gara Company (NASDAQ: KROG), a worldwide private investigator & security firm based in N.Y. On Jun. 18, Cherkasky spent the day in Toronto closing a $16 million deal on Kroll’s latest acquisition of a Canadian forensic accounting firm. “It’s hard to beat them so we had to buy them… We can expand very rapidly across the world,” Cherkasky boasted to the Toronto media. The merger builds Kroll’s presence to 40 cities in 16 counties. Apparently, Cherkasky doesn’t have his hands full because he said he is looking to further expand his Moscow office’s work against burgeoning crime syndicates in Russia. [Toronto Star 06/18/98]
UP SHOT: How does Cherkasky have time to run his multi-million dollar business and still ensure the upcoming Teamsters election is not marred by corruption again?

This Bud May Not Be For You
Remember how the Teamsters shut down America last year with their radical strike against UPS? Connoisseurs of Anheuser-Busch products may be in for the same bind this summer if Teamsters negotiators have their way. On Jun. 15, negotiators for one of America’s most corrupt unions recommend that 8,000 Teamsters at Anheuser-Busch’s 12 breweries reject the company’s latest contract offer. [BNA Daily Labor Report 06/16/98]