AFL-CIO’s Candidate Evades Sanctions

Gubernatorial candidate Glenn Poshard (D-IL) will not face sanctions for improperly handling contributions from the AFL-CIO. Poshard’s campaign “acknowledged it failed to properly report nearly $109,000 in advertising on its behalf by the AFL-CIO,” according to State Board of Elections (SBE) documents released Jul. 16. Under an agreement with the IL Republican Party, which filed the complaint, and accepted, by the SBE, Poshard’s campaign will not be punished as long as it doesn’t repeat the violation. [Chicago Daily Herald 07/17/98]

AFL-CIO Attack Ads Roll Again
In a preview of their preferred plan of attack against Republicans, the militant and corrupt Sweeney-Trumka AFL-CIO has started another irresponsible nationwide television campaign. The union ads attack Republicans on the HMO reform/patients rights issue, wrongfully distorting Republican proposals. According to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the union ads are running in at least 9 media markets including Birmingham, Louisville and Boise – very targeted selections. The ads were anticipated to run Jul. 15-21 with additions and extensions likely.

KC School District Wrongfully Gouged on Union Overtime
An audit of 1996-97 overtime pay found some Kansas City School District union workers got overtime they didn’t work and others got overtime no one authorized. Some claimed more than 100 hours a week and in many cases no documentation was provided to support the overtime claimed. “This isn’t just sloppiness. I think this is criminal in some cases… There has to be some accountability. We’ve suspected for years there’s fraud going on in overtime,” said board member Lance Loewenstein. No legal action or criminal investigation has been announced at this time. Auditors also found that excessive overtime costs are due to high levels of absenteeism among custodians, and they recommended hiring of temporary employees or out-sourcing the work to a private firm. But, not surprisingly, Service Employees International Union Local 12 President Louis Byrd blasted any idea of private firms. [KC Star 07/17/98]