No Restitution for 2 Embezzlers

Two former union bosses embezzled more than $74,000 from Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers Local 1-5476 in Lawndale, Cal. and were incarcerated Sep. 3 after pleading guilty Aug. 24. Former int’l rep. Kevin Geddes and secretary-treasurer Robert Redmerski filed false “lost time” claims for reimbursement. According to the Labor Dep’t, the scheme induced local stewards to file false claims and turn over union reimbursements to Geddes, and Redmerski knowingly approved and paid the false claims. Geddes was sentenced to 3 months in prison, 3 months in a halfway house and 3 years probation and was ordered to obtain substance abuse and psychiatric treatment. Redmerski was sentenced to 6 months in a halfway house and 3 years probation. Fines and restitution of union members’ lost funds were waived in exchange the for guilty pleas, as were conspiracy and extortion charges. [BNA 9/4/98]

Oregon Boss Embezzled $88K
Association of Western Pulp & Paper Workers Local 166’s former boss was sentenced Aug. 24 to 13 months in jail for embezzling union funds. U.S. District Court in Oregon also ordered Bill Ainsworth to pay $88,250 in restitution to AWPPW and barred him from union office for 13 years. A grand jury charged him for embezzlement and willful false entries in union records. He was treasurer of the defunct local from 1993-97. [BNA  8/26/98]