Boss Diop’s Suspension Upheld

As reported in the last issue, DC37 and Local 1549 boss Albert A. Diop was suspended, with three associates, by AFSCME for undocumented and improper expenditures of union funds. An AFSCME judicial panel upheld the suspensions Mar. 23, and Diop filed for retirement. Reportedly, he will get a $70,000 golden parachute.  More troubling however is the fact that Diop, also an AFSCME Int’l Vice-President, apparently has not be removed from AFSCME’s board.

AFSCME said that Diop used the union funds to buy personal items totaling about $467,000. He spent $82,000 on camera and audio-visual equipment, $22,000 on jewelry and $23,000 on clothing. He hired maids for his lavish penthouse at DC37’s compound for at least $1,200 a month. He spent over $162,000 for stays at N.Y. City hotels, despite residing there. Also, Diop spent $135,000 on a leased Lincoln Town Car and took a $665 monthly car allowance. [N.Y. Post 3/24/99]

DC37’s Local 384 Boss Expelled
Another N.Y. boss has been caught in the on-going corruption probes into DC37. Local 384 boss Francine Autovino was expelled Mar. 16 by AFSCME for misappropriating union funds. She reportedly spent tens of thousands of dollars in union money on travel not related to union business and other inappropriate items such as jewelry. [N.Y. Times 3/17/99]