Reputed New Jersey Mob Bosses Battle in Court

Daniel Provenzano, the nephew of the “infamous” ex-Teamsters boss Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano, is fighting back against his ex-associate turned government-informant Bernard Recanati by taking him to court. Reportedly, Recanati has helped the N.J. Atty. Gen.’s Office get an impending state-racketeering suit against the younger Provenzano. Provenzano is an alleged associate of the Genovese crime family. However, turning on his ex-boss has cost Recanati.

In Jun. 1997, both were arrested on charges of attempting to strong-arm an individual into turning over his insurance business because of gambling debts. Recanati was released on $50,000 bail posted by Provenzano. Later, after Recanati turned on Provenzano, a N.J. judge reduced his bail in Jan. 1998 from $50,000 to $5,000. Provenzano asked the court to have the money returned to him. But Recanati wanted the refund.

In Feb. 1998, both argued in criminal court over the cash, with Provenzano claiming it had never been repaid and Recanati telling a judge that he and his family scraped together $43,000 and repaid Provenzano. Recanati explained his reason for shorting the total by saying that Provenzano owed him $7,000 for “working around his house.” He described that work in court as: “Maintenance, threatening people, you know, illegal stuff… broken fingers, this and that.” Recanati won in criminal court and on appeal. Later, Recanati was convicted of assault and sentenced to 15-year in prison. Thus, in mid-Mar. 1999, per the appeals court’s suggestion, Provenzano filed suit in civil court to reclaim the bail money. Meanwhile, the cash remains in the custody of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Dep’t. [Record 3/12/99]