Illinois Dissident Wins Office On Appeal

Union Dissident Darren Fish is now officially the president of the AFSCME Local 494 in Pontiac, Ill., after an AFSCME “judge” in Washington, D.C. announced his decision Apr. 11. Fish and incumbent bosses, Danny Jarrett, finished as the top two vote-getters in the Dec. 1998 election. In a runoff Fish defeated Jarrett by 14 votes. But, Jarrett filed a protest with the local’s board and a new election was held in Feb. 1999, which Jarrett won by 22 votes. Fish then filed a protest with the local and parent union. Fish criticized the revote due to the fact that only 80 out of 750 members caused the second runoff. Fish also said questionable methods were used in the second runoff. Jarrett plans to appeal. [Pantagraph 4/12/99]