Chicago Bosses Face Internal Corruption Charges

LIUNA’s “internal reform effort” and its ethically-challenged “in-house prosecutor” Robert D. Luskin filed “disciplinary charges” against four Chicago bosses for allegedly associating with organized crime and allowing their locals to be controlled by criminal elements. Luskin targeted Bruno Caruso, Local 1001 boss and Chicago Laborers’ Dist. Council ex-president. The Dist. Council was placed under a trusteeship in Feb. 1998. Note that Caruso opposed Arthur A. Coia for LIUNA general president at the 1996 convention. Others charged: Caruso’s brother and ex-Local 1006 boss Frank Caruso, his cousin and Local 1006 boss Leo Caruso and Local 5 boss James DiForti. A recent report said Luskin charged the four Mar. 3 with having a “knowing association with members and associates of organized crime and for permitting organized crime to exercise control over the affairs of the union.” The report also claimed that DiForti and the Carusos played a, “significant role in a breakdown of democratic practices” within the Dist. Council. Trusteeships over Local 1001 and 1006 are reportedly possible. [BNA 4/29/99]