New York Election Nears, Accusations Fly

An alleged $40,000 payment to a former secretary at the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Ass’n in N.Y.C. has become the focus of heated accusations among candidates vying for control of the police union. The two slates challenging PBA president James “Doc” Savage and his regime called for an investigation into the payment, which they claim was made without informing PBA’s membership. Timothy Nickels, who is running for PBA treasurer on an opposition slate said he conducted his own audit of PBA’s books and came across the $40,000 payment made in 1996 to “EJCK.” The initials correspond to a secretary who spent 20 years working for the PBA and who resigned while Savage was first vice president. “Who is EJCK and why was EJCK paid $40,000?” Nickels asked.

Insiders say the money was a buyout of the woman’s contract. She had been an assistant to ex-PBA boss Phil Caruso. She has retained attorneys, and insiders say she is preparing sexual harassment lawsuit against PBA. PBA spokesman Joe Mancini said the allegations have been trumped up. “There is no lawsuit,” Mancini said. “[It] is a politically motivated dirty trick.”

PBA’s finances have been a sore spot. Members called for an audit of the PBA’s books in Feb. 1998 after the racketeering convictions of three PBA attorneys and the ex-boss of the Transit PBA. In May, an ex-judge, issued a report clearing PBA bosses of wrongdoing in overall financial matters, but questioned spending at “five-star restaurants.” The audit didn’t mention the $40,000. [Daily News 5/24/99]