Rhode Island Union Sues Ex-Boss for $36,000

The E. Providence, R.I., Fraternal Order of Police filed suit Jun. 3 against its ex-boss Alan A. Gouveia, alleging that he “misappropriated, embezzled, stole or converted” at least $36,000 of union funds for personal use in 1994-96. FOP is seeking to recover the full $36,000 plus: punitive damages, an accounting of improperly taken or received property and funds, audit expenses, return of all FOP records and attorneys’ fees.

The suit claims Gouveia “routinely skimmed a portion of the dues proceeds from the City” by cashing the checks at a credit union and pocketing some of the money for himself. The suit also alleges that on various dates in 1994-96, he withdrew cash, up to $1,500 at a time, from FOP accounts without supporting documentation. [Providence Journal-Bulletin 6/4/99]

New York Union Attorney Loses License
On Jun. 4, Bernard Cohen, the ex-gen. counsel of the N.Y. Dist. Council of Carpenters, was sentenced to repay $104,000 for wrongfully inflating expenses and rigging a bogus political-contributions scam. He also lost his license to practice law because he pled guilty to falsifying records, a felony. Cohen was an associate of ex-boss Fred Devine who was sentenced last Aug. to four years in prison for union corruption. Cohen once boasted that his connections would keep him out of legal trouble. [Daily News 6/7/99]

Corrupt New York Union Endorses Gore
Am. Fed. of State, County & Municipal Employees Dist. Council 37 in N.Y.C. — arguably the most corrupt gov’t employees union in America — endorsed Al Gore for President. But members are calling the endorsement process convoluted and undemocratic.  As well stated by Newsday: “While AFSCME promised to restore democracy as well as fiscal integrity to [DC37], the membership never got to vote on the endorsement.” [Newsday 6/11/99]

“We hope and pray that when he comes out of prison, maybe he will have learned a lesson and make a sincere effort to pay back the money…[A] lot of people were affected, people who had their hard-earned union dues stolen.”

– United Steelworkers of Am. Local 2 President Doug Werstler commenting on ex-boss William S. Demboski who was recently sentenced to two years in prison for embezzling over $316,000 from the Akron local. [Rubber & Plastics News 6/7/99]