Ex-Carey Aide Running for Mississippi House

It’s rare to find a union boss running in a Republican primary. But Aaron Belk, expelled-IBT president Ron Carey’s exec. assistant and an ex-IBT vice-president, is spouting conservative themes for the Aug. 3 Republican primary for Miss. House Dist. 25. He hopes to face ex-Clarksdale mayor, John Mayo (D) in the general election.

“I’m not your normal union person, I suppose,” said Belk, who is calling for lower taxes. “It’s not going to be done by electing lawyers. We’ve got to elect practical people.” [Commercial Appeal 7/22/99]

Belk was in the middle of the money-laundering scandal that ruined Carey. Belk rejected a $475,000 contribution to the liberal Citizen Action. The contribution eventually went through reportedly due to the table-pounding of then-IBT attorney Judy Scott, whose cauldron now simmers at the Service Employees Int’l Union. Of that money, $110,000 found its way back to Carey’s reelection campaign.