New York Union Sues Ex-Boss for $62,000

The N.Y. Public Employees Fed. filed suit Jul. 15 against its ex-president, charging that he and five other bosses embezzled nearly $63,000. PEF president Robert Benson and secretary-treasurer Jane Hallum filed the suit in U.S. Dist. Court in Albany saying that the ex-bosses violated the Landrum-Griffin Act and are seeking reimbursement for the allegedly unauthorized payments.

The suit says ex-president James Sheedy ordered checks totaling $62,900 to cover years of allegedly bogus sick leave. The alleged distribution was Sheedy, $4,796; ex-secretary-treasurer Patricia Ford, $14,611; ex-vice-presidents Philip DelPiano, Margaret Litzenberger and Kenneth Robertson $5,911, $8,166 and $22,627, respectively; and ex-aide Robert Walsh, $4,487. [Times Union 7/17/99]