Hamilton Convicted, Criminal Probe may Expand

A federal jury in Manhattan convicted ex-Teamsters political director William W. Hamilton Nov. 19 of union corruption, finding that he helped divert union funds to the 1996 reelection campaign of the union’s ex-boss Ron Carey. The jury reached its verdict after a four-week trial in which the prosecutors linked Hamilton to a scheme that involved $885,000 in union funds being funneled to aid Carey’s campaign. The jury deliberated for nearly two days and found Hamilton guilty on all six counts, including conspiracy, embezzlement, fraud and perjury. Hamilton faces 30 years in prison at his sentencing on Feb. 29, 2000, by U.S. Dist. Judge Thomas P. Griesa. [N.Y. Times 11/20/99]

Law enforcement authorities said prosecutors are now urging U.S. Atty. Mary Jo White to seek a new round of indictments in the wake of Hamilton’s felony convictions. Prosecutors reportedly now want indictments against: 1) Carey, 2) Terry McAuliffe, top Clinton fundraiser, who was identified in the Hamilton trial as encouraging the kickback scheme; 3) Richard L. Trumka, AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer, who allegedly routed funds to the Carey campaign. 4) Harold Ickes, ex-White House deputy chief of staff and labor attorney, who led fundraising for Clinton-Gore ‘96. Trumka and McAuliffe are reported to be the next likely targets. [Wash. Times 11/29/99; Wall St. J. 12/3/99]