DC37 Suffers Another Takeover, Guilty Plea

Am. Fed’n of State, County & Mun. Employees’ Dist. Council 37 was forced to take over yet another one of its locals Dec. 8 after auditors couldn’t account for $100,000 in expenses.  DC37 in N.Y. City that has had 24 bosses indicted for corruption with 12 pleading guilty in the last 13 months.

AFSCME Local 299 boss Gary Tenenbaum has resigned and treasurer Peter Carosella was suspended. The action was taken amid a broad audit of the fiscal practices of all DC37’s 56 locals. Details of the  undocumented expenses weren’t disclosed.

In a related development, the supplier of office supplies to AFSCME Local 1549, pled guilty to kicking back more than $50,000 to two bosses, Robert Myers and James Edey. The supplier, Thomas Kruckmeyer, owner of Call Kruckmeyer, was sentenced to 5 years probation and jurisdiction of his case was transferred to Fort Meyers, Fla., where he lives. Myers and Edey had previously pled guilty on related corruption charges. [Newsday 12/10/99]