Wilhelm Proudly Defends Hanley

NBC’s “Dateline” did a hit Dec. 15 on the chronically corrupt Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Int’l Union focusing on disgraced ex-boss Edward T. Hanley who resigned last year under a corruption cloud and two controversial Dep’t of Justice immunity deals. Despite the corruption, Hanley  receives $267,000 a year from HERE. His replacement, John W. Wilhelm, who holds himself out to be a reformer, appeared to be a Hanley puppet in his “Dateline” appearance:

DATELINE: Wilhelm… says Hanley deserves his lifetime salary and the gratitude of the membership.
DATELINE: Is Ed Hanley corrupt?
WILHELM: Not in my view. I believe that President Hanley saved the union.
DATELINE: Was it right, what Ed Hanley did with the union funds? Was it in the best interest of the union?
WILHELM: I think everything that I have been told about, that what President Hanley did was entirely legal.
DATELINE: He made a deal, he would admit no wrongdoing and, in effect, he walks away from the union.  That’s not a clear exoneration.
WILHELM: No, nor is it a conviction of anything.