Buffalo Consent Decree Approved

In the latest illustration that the LIUNA “internal reform effort” is a failure, U.S. Dist. Judge Richard J. Arcara Jan. 24 approved a consent decree over LIUNA Local 210 in Buffalo. Arcara said the government takeover was “appropriate and necessary” and that he found “substantial evidence” that the affairs of Local 210 have been influenced by members of organized crime for more than 20 years. If such corruption is so pervasive in Local 210, what has LIUNA’s “internal reform effort” been doing the last five years?

A 114-page civil complaint filed under RICO sought injunctive relief to insure that Local 210 is “rid of domination and influence by members and associates of the La Cosa Nostra organized crime family.”  The complaint was filed by DOJ and LIUNA in Dec., but Arcara forced LIUNA out because of a conflict of interest. LIUNA had run Local 210 and it was suing Local 210.  The judge didn’t want LIUNA to be both  plaintiff and defendant. [BNA 1/26/00]

Rhode Island Boss Indicted for Embezzlement
Michael Fascitelli, the business manager of a LIUNA Local 1056 was indicted Jan. 12 by a Rhode Island grand jury on a felony embezzlement charge for allegedly using his union-issued credit card for personal purchases.  The amount was not disclosed.  The embezzlement allegedly occurred between 1996 and 1997.  He is scheduled to be arraigned on Jan. 26. [Providence J.-Bull. 1/15/00]

Michigan Embezzler Took $6,000
Paul W. Dean, a 13-year veteran of the Mt. Pleasant (Mich.) Fire Dep’t pled no contest Jan. 13 to a felony charge of embezzling from his union.  Police said Dean admitted taking about $6,000, though the actual amount could be as high as $16,000. He faces 10 years in prison. His union title was unreported. Restitution and sentencing hearings will be in Feb. [Det. News 1/14/00]