Two New York Locals Taken Over

IBT’s Independent Review Bd. removed the executive boards of two IBT locals in N.Y. earlier this month after internal probes reportedly found rampant corruption, embezzlement and mismanagement. IRB has only removed the boards of only two dozen locals since 1989.

Local 806 in Garden City reportedly has a history of organized crime. Donald Calagna served as president until he and the other six members of the board were ousted. IRB said Calagna’s father, Anthony, Sr., was barred by IRB’s predecessor a decade ago because of mob ties. IRB charged that Local 806 conducted only four membership meetings that met a quorum during the past five years, despite IBT’s requirement they be held monthly. It also failed to hold executive board meetings. The local also entered into at least seven “sham” contracts, and raided $1.7 million from the members’ Health & Welfare Fund and pension fund between 1987-98, IRB said. Despite financial trouble, Calagna received a 25% raise in 1995, making his annual salary $90,000.

Local 239 in East Meadow was previously placed into trusteeship in 1991. IRB said the local lacked approved bylaws, failed to hold proper meetings, had deteriorated financially, and entered into “sham” contracts.  The seven-member board led by Anthony Miceli has seen the local’s net assets declined by $135,400 between 1994-98. Miceli was accused of embezzling $55,000 by granting unauthorized bonuses and raises to officers and staff. Investigators found that he, trustee Anthony Evaristo, and business agent Milton Warren also falsified time cards. [Newsday 3/24/00]

Seattle Local Put in Receivership
The Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Int’l Union took over HERE Local 8 in Seattle Mar. 13, amid allegations of mismanagement .  HERE vice president Ron Richardson was named trustee and said he is replacing the local’s staff.  Rich Sawyer, a lieutenant to HERE president John Wilhelm, will run Local 8’s day-to-day operations.

HERE reportedly also began investigating allegations of wrongdoing by the local’s bosses, but Richardson refused to detail the charges. Local 8 president Joseph Massimino recently retired at the age of 65, and secretary-treasurer B.J. Simonson was reportedly “relieved of her duties.” Simonson said she plans to sue union bosses over the unspecified allegations. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer 3/15/00]