Union Tied to Two New Jersey Men Charged with Racketeering

Two alleged associates of the DeCavalcante crime family were arrested Mar. 14, charged with conspiring to conduct racketeering, loansharking, extortion, mail fraud and theft offenses in connection with North Jersey construction projects, according U.S. Atty. for N.J. Robert J. Cleary.

Arthur McCarthy, a former vice-president in charge of construction with the Bellemead Construction Corp., and Francesco Paparatto, 60, of Cranford  were charged in a 22-count indictment unsealed today with their arrests. Also charged and arrested today was Pat Dwyer, 39, of Las Vegas, formerly of New Jersey, a former Bellemead Construction project manager.

The indictment focuses on corruption and mob influence in the construction industry and identifies Bellemead Construction of Roseland as the enterprise used in the corruption.  The indictment alleges that from at least as early as July 1994 through in or about May 1999, the defendants engaged in racketeering activity, including loansharking, extortion, mail fraud and theft in Essex County, according to the Indictment.

One of the charges: McCarthy extorted $3,500 from J.C., a plumbing subcontractor hired by McCarthy, to have an unnamed plumber’s union cease picketing the Newark housing project. [USAO DNJ, Media Release 3/14/00]