10 Unions Give DNC $5 Million

At Terry McAuliffe’s $26 million soft money fundraiser for the Democrat Nat’l Committee on May 24, ten unions each “contributed” $500,000 of union members dues.  The event, a National Tribute to President Clinton, was largest political fundraiser ever.  The ten unions McAuliffe hooked were:

1) Am. Fed’n of State, County & Mun. Employees,
2) Am. Fed’n of Teachers,
3) Communications Workers of Am.,
4) Int’l Ass’n of Machinists
5) Int’l Bhd. of Elec. Workers,
6) Int’l Union of Painters,
7) Nat’l Education Ass’n,
8) Service Employees Int’l Union,
9) Sheet Metal Workers Int’l Ass’n,
10) United Food & Commercial Workers Int’l Union. [Wash. Post 5/24]
Reportedly, it was as a favor to AFL-CIO boss John J. Sweeney that McAuliffe chaired the event. Sweeney had become so unhappy with DNC leaders that he threatened to stop affiliated unions from donating to the party unless McAuliffe took over. McAuliffe was unwilling to take the full-time job, but agreed to lead the “drive for dollars.” [Time 6/5/00]

Connecticut Group Backs Red Cross Strike
With the Am. Fed’n of State, County & Mun. Employees’ strike against the Connecticut Red Cross by entering its fourth week, AFSCME won a big partner in its boycott.

The Connecticut AFL-CIO announced  May 23 that it is asking its 600 affiliated unions, representing about 265,000 members, to stay away from the Red Cross blood drives.  AFSCME and the Conn. AFL-CIO are also asking the public to support their cause by refusing to donate blood. [Hartford Courant 5/24/00]