Guam Gets Right-to-Work Law

The Guam Legislature May 11 overrode Gov. Carl T. C. Gutierrez’s veto of the Right-to-Work bill, which makes it unlawful for an employer to require an employee to join or remain a union member as a condition of employment. The bill was introduced in the Guam Legislature last summer, passed by a vote of 9-5 in Mar., and then vetoed by Gutierrez. The veto was overridden by a 10-5 vote.  The legislature has 12 Republicans and 3 Democrats.

Bill Gibson, Guam Employers Council director, said, “We believe that giving private-sector employees a choice about membership will make off-island unions more accountable about how they spend the money they harvest from workers in Guam.”

National Right to Work spokesman Stan Greer said, “When the new law takes effect, each employee in Guam will finally be entrusted with the freedom to make a personal choice regarding affiliation with a union. …This will force union officials who, up to now, have spent money seized from workers in Guam irresponsibly either to mend their ways or lose their revenue.” [BNA 6/2/00]