Clinton Gets Gift from Boss McEntee

AFSCME’s top boss, Gerald W. McEntee, gave Bill Clinton a first edition copy of the Lincoln-Douglas debates at the AFSCME convention June 30, according to the union’s website. He called Clinton: “the best friend Labor has ever had.” Reportedly, Clinton, a “history buff,…hugged the book to his chest in an expression of thanks.”  One online book reseller lists an 1860 first edition of these debates at $1,200.

According in federal court documents, McEntee was implicated in the 1996 Teamsters scandal that ousted disgraced ex-Teamsters boss Ron Carey. Allegedly, McEntee improperly routed $20,000 to Carey’s reelection campaign. Also, McEntee presides over one of the most corrupt unions in America today; in Jan. 2000, the N.Y. Times exposed an internal union document revealing that AFSCME suffered $4.6 million in corruption scandals in just over one year.