NLPC REPORT: Who’s Got the Most From Top Union PACs?

The Nat’l Legal & Pol’y Ctr. issued “The Top 20 from the Top 20: 2000 Study of the Top 20 Federal Recipients of Campaign Contributions from the Top 20 Union PACs” on Oct. 23. Here’s just the first five House Recipients (all Democratic): 1. Joe Baca (CA-42) $244,000; 2. Mike Ross (AR-04) $205,500; 3. David Bonior (MI-10) $179,300; 4. James Maloney (CT-05) $172,600; 5. Scotty Baesler (KY-06) $169,000.

In addition to the Top 20 House Recipient list, the study also lists the Top 20 Senate Recipients, Top 20 House Incumbent Recipients, Top 20 House Challenger Recipients and Top 20 Republicans Recipients. The study also lists the Top 20 Union PACs — many of which make regular appearances on the pages of Union Corruption Update — including, the Teamsters, Laborers, UFCW and Steelworkers. The study, including all the lists, the methodology, and an analysis of the findings, is available at <>

“With the heavy involvement of the AFL-CIO and other unions in recent election cycles, this study seeks to answer a basic question: Which candidates are top union PACs investing in this election?”