FBI Raids Detroit Council’s Offices

Federal agents reportedly raided the Michigan Reg’l Council of Carpenters’ offices in Detroit and several construction firms elsewhere in the state on Jan. 12.  They seized several boxes of records. The FBI and Dep’t of Labor reportedly conducted the raid. The probe is reportedly targeting the union’s pension funds.

An official with the FBI regional office in Detroit confirmed that federal agents “executed a search warrant” at the Carpenter offices but declined further comment because the search warrant was sealed. There was no comment on similar action taken by federal agents elsewhere in the state.

Ralph Maybry, secretary-treasurer for the Council, said he was “disappointed with the way the whole thing went down.” The Council “has never hidden anything from the government” and “always cooperated” with any investigations. Maybry said there was no cause for the hostile entry made by federal agents into the union’s offices. As for the related visits on the same day to companies in Ann Arbor, Southfield, and Livonia, Maybry said the union pension fund had invested in projects in those cities.  [BNA 01/17/01]