Boston Boss Reportedly Targeting Informants

Embattled IBT Local 25 boss George W. Cashman, a target of a federal racketeering probe, is reportedly trying to revoke the union memberships of three Boston members whom he believes are responsible for his legal problems. He petitioned IBT to strip Philip J. Myers Sr., and his two sons, Philip J. Jr. and Paul, of their membership cards or “books,” claiming they “brought reproach” upon the union with their own illegal activities, according to a Boston Herald source. “(Cashman) thinks they’re the ones responsible for all this,” the source said. “They want to punish the Myers family.”

Cashman and other Local 25 bosses have been the focus of an 18-month Dep’t of Labor probe  for alleged shakedowns of movie producers, moving companies and other businesses that employ teamsters. Local 25’s movie crew, run by ex-convict and alleged Mob associate James Flynn, allegedly add unnecessary workers and pad expenses and overtime in addition to their base salaries in excess of $2,100 per week.

Philip Myers, Jr., a convicted bank robber and prison killer, was busted in 1998 for dealing cocaine along with his brother, Paul. In exchange for a lenient sentence, Philip Myers, Jr., is reportedly one of several people cooperating with investigators in the Local 25 probe. The elder Myers is retired and his sons are in jail on the drug charges.

While Cashman, a member of the Massport Board of Directors and confidant of ex-Gov. Paul Cellucci (R), has targeted the Myers family, he has not sought similar treatment for the movie crew, which reportedly includes convicted bank robbers, killers, drug dealers, ex-convicts, a convicted former cop, and the disgraced ex-Middlesex sheriff. Additionally, last summer a member of another union was reportedly beaten after she allegedly refused Flynn’s demand to turn her snack concession over to a teamster. Reportedly, Flynn wanted the woman killed but that plan was nixed. Allegedly, Cashman approved a plan to beat the woman instead “to send her a message.”

“I guess they don’t bring reproach on the Teamsters,” the Herald’s source. [Bos. Herald 4/27/01]