BBush to Replace White; Bad News for Trumka?

Clinton’s Manhattan U.S. Atty. Mary Jo White is on the way out, according to a Dep’t of Justice official on Aug. 2. The official didn’t say when President Bush would move adding that she may complete the Clinton pardon probe before leaving.

“White’s impending exit may be very bad news for the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka.” said Nat’l Legal & Pol’y Ctr. chairman Ken Boehm. “By all accounts Trumka should have been indicted long ago for his role in the money-laundering scandal that brought down ex-Teamsters boss Ron Carey and his campaign team. It appears Trumka has greatly benefited from a very generous dose of prosecutorial discretion from White.”

Boehm pointed out that “despite Trumka twice invoking the Fifth Amendment to avoid federal investigators’ questions, the case against him is strong. According to court records, Trumka helped launder $150,000 from the Teamsters’ treasury through the AFL-CIO for the benefit of Carey’s campaign. Reportedly, Trumka also wrongfully solicited and/or contributed $50,000 to the Carey campaign. White’s prosecution of ex-Teamsters official William Hamilton was extremely damning for Trumka. For example, it revealed that one of the key meetings that helped facilitate the $150,000 transaction allegedly took place in Trumka’s AFL-CIO office with him present. Yet, White and DOJ have failed to indict Trumka.”

“President Bush should be commended for replacing White.  The time to hold Trumka accountable is now-before any statutes of limitations in the case run. I’m hopeful that President Bush’s new appointee will bring Trumka to justice before it is too late.” Boehm commented.

A leading candidate to replace White is James McGuire, N.Y. Gov. George Pataki’s counsel. McGuire worked for union-corruption-buster extraordinaire, Manhattan Dist. Atty. Robert M. Morgenthau, and Pataki is pushing him for the job. Reportedly, White may have angered Bush Admin. officials by trying to stymie the appointment of ex-U.S. Atty. Joseph diGenova of a post on the Teamsters’ Indep. Rev. Bd. [N.Y. Post 8/3/01]