IRB Member Tainted at Questionable Dinner

According to Columnist Robert Novak, Int’l Bhd. of Teamsters’ Indep. Rev. Bd. member, ex-U.S. Court of Appeals Judge William H. Webster (8th Cir. Nixon) was honored May 11 at a N.Y. Marriott Marquis Hotel dinner hosted by one of the most unsavory of old Teamsters, George Barasch. Webster is also a former U.S. Dist Judge (E.D. Mo. Nixon), former FBI Director, 1978-87, and former CIA Director, 1987-91. Webster addressed the Union Mut. Benefit Ass’n, which is charged in a United Food & Commercial Workers Int’l Union lawsuit as draining millions from Barasch’s Allied Trade Council for his personal use. In Nov. 1999 IRB charged that Barasch and his family were siphoning money from benefit plans of the ATC and the Barasch-controlled IBT Local 815. A attorney in the UFCW suit was recently told by Barasch’s son, Stephen: “Judge Webster seems to think we’re OK.” [Chi. Sun-Times 8/2/01]