Denver Boss Charged on 40 Counts

Bobby R. Putnam, ex-secretary-treasurer of Communications Workers of Am. Local 14708 (a.k.a., Denver Mailers Union No. 8) in Denver, was charged Oct. 31 in a 40-count indictment with embezzling $7,808.26 and falsifying union records.  The case has been assigned to U.S. Dist. Chief Judge Lewis T. Babcock (D. Colo., Reagan).

According to the indictment, Putnam engaged in a multi-step check scheme to steal $1,913.28 between Dec. 1996 and Sept. 1997.  He allegedly 1) wrote nine union checks to nine union members, 2) endorsed these checks without the nine members’ knowledge or permission, 3) deposited these checks back into the local’s checking account, and 4) then took the cash from the local’s funds for his own use and benefit. He was charged with nine counts of union embezzlement.  He was also charged with nine counts of union records falsification because for each of these nine checks, Putnam willfully made false entries in union records relating to these purported disbursements and their purported purpose. The alleged falsifications included: “1 Day lost time,” “Sick Pay from Union 60 Days $4.00,” and “91 Days $4.00 day, Out Feb.-Aug. 97 Auto Accident.”

Additionally, for eleven months, Nov. 1996 to Sept. 1997, Putnam allegedly collected union dues and fees from members but took a portion of these dues and fees for his own use without authorization. Allegedly, this scheme resulted in a $5,894.98 embezzlement, and Putnam was indicted on eleven additional counts of union embezzlement. Again, he was also indicted on eleven additional counts of union records falsification relating to this dues scheme. [DOL 10/31/01; DOJ 12/18/01]