Union Protesters Crash Right-to-Work Meetings

The battle over whether union officials should be able to force workers to join a union and pay dues escalated Dec.12  when AFL-CIO protesters used bullhorns to interrupt a meeting of right-to-work advocates at the Heritage Fdn. near Capitol Hill.  More than 30 demonstrators stormed the lobby of the Heritage Fdn., staging a sit-in outside the door of the auditorium and using bullhorns and chants to interrupt the meeting until Capitol Police arrived.

As right-to-work advocates listened to R. Marc Nuttle, the chief strategist of Oklahoma’s recent right-to-work initiative, describe the success of the campaign, AFL-CIO members and supporters crashed the meeting. Using bullhorns, protesters chanted, “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Right To Work Has Got To Go.” and “Right To Work Means Work For Less.” Steve Rosenthal, AFL-CIO political director, led the protest.

Protesters peacefully filed out of the Heritage Fdn. lobby when Capitol Police arrived. A picket line was formed outside the building and protesters marched and chanted but quickly left the premises. There was no report about whether any criminal or civil trespass charges will be brought.