RI Lawmaker Subpoenaed in Extortion Case Against State ILA Bosses

State Rep. Paul Moura was called before a RI grand jury on Dec. 16 to testify about two statewide union bosses arrested for extortion at the Port of Providence. Moura is also a field agent for the AFL-CIO.

The two officials of the Intl Longshoremen’s Assn., president Raymond Silva and his brother, vice-president Domingo “David” Silva, were arrested by RI state police on Oct. 22. The investigation began last Feb, when State Line Scrap Co. president David Borque told police that ILA members were threatening him for refusing to hire a “no-show” ILA member for 30 hrs a week.

Borque wore a hidden microphone during subsequent meetings with the Silvas, Moura, a member of the Providence port board, and secy.-treasurer John Carnevale. The Silvas were apparently overheard threatening “numerous consequences” if Borque refused to give in to the demands, including physical harm to Borque, his family and employees. At one meeting, Moura arrived just as Raymond Silva jumped from his chair with his fist “cocked back” near Borque’s face. Allegedly, Moura restrained Silva, guided him back to his seat, then immediately left “as though he did not want to witness any violence” acc. to a state police affidavit.

The morning before the arrest, Borque and several of his employees arrived at the port. Minutes later, the Silvas and 10 other union militants began walking toward Borque. State detectives identified themselves, but the Silvas swore at them, with Raymond allegedly stating, “…this is an ILA issue, not a state police matter.”

At 9 a.m., acc. to the police, Moura arrived and brushed off a detective, allegedly saying, “Who are you? I just need to talk to David [Borque].” In a private meeting with Borque, Moura allegedly patted him down, apparently looking for a microphone.

Answering the subpoena on Dec. 16, Moura spent about two hours at the Kent County Courthouse. [Providence Journal-Bulletin 10/24/02, WJAR-TV 12/16/02]