Convicted Hawaii Union Chief Claims $1 million in Unused Leave

Former United Public Workers boss Gary Rodrigues, convicted of over 100 counts of embezzlement and fraud then kicked out of his office, has now sued his replacement, claiming 37 years of unused leave.

Rodrigues and his daughter were convicted in a Hawaii federal court on Nov. 19 of last year. Two days later, the Amer. Fedtn. of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) announced Rodrigues’ suspension. But Rodrigues showed up at the UPW’s Honolulu HQ the next day and convened a bd. meeting that rejected AFSCME’s choice of a temporary director and installed Rodrigues’ choice instead. Finally, on Dec. 5, a delegation arrived from Washington, D.C. to place the UPW under direct AFSCME control.

Rodrigues now claims that he “retired” from the UPW on Nov. 22, and is entitled to nearly $1 million of unused sick leave and vacation, which he says temporary director Peter Trask is denying him. [Honolulu Advertiser 2/14/03]