UPDATE: Patton Plays the Pardon Card in Kentucky

On June 18, Gov. Paul Patton pardoned his chief of staff and frmr. campaign mgr., Andrew “Skipper” Martin, organized labor liaison Danny Ross, frmr. Teamsters Local 89 president Lon Fields, and his lieutenant, Robert Winstead.  With the pardon, Patton ensured that the four will not be tried for allegedly violating Ky. campaign laws by coordinating the Teamsters’ political machine with Patton’s 1995 campaign.

Democrat Attny. General Ben Chandler, who has been leading the prosecutorial effort, released the following statement: “He has substituted his judgment for that of a jury, before evidence was ever heard. This causes further loss of public faith in our leaders, in government and in our political process.  I believe that Governor Patton, through today’s action, has again betrayed the trust and confidence of the people of Kentucky. I believe he should resign.” [Louisville Couier-Journal, 6/19/03]