NJ Mob Associate Gets Nearly 6 years in Prison, Ordered to Start Repaying $805K

Reputed Genovese associate Joseph Lore was sentenced on July 10 to 70 months in jail and ordered to begin repaying the $805,000 he stole from Local 1588 of the Intl. Longshoremen’s Assn.  U.S. Dist. Judge Mary L. Cooper (D.N.J., G.H.W. Bush) sentenced Lore one month after revoking his pre-sentencing bail when court officers complained that Lore, under electronic monitoring, lied about where he was going on several occasions.

Judge Cooper sentenced Lore at the end of a 4-hour hearing in which she certified how much money Lore had stolen in the 1990s.  Lore embezzled most of the funds — $753,750 — by diverting the salaries of union officers and members to himself and his girlfriend accomplice, Denise Bohn, 1588’s ofc. mgr.  He stole another $51,437 by scheming with Local 1588 service providers to inflate their costs, then kick back some of those costs to Lore and Bohn.  On July 18, Bohn was sentenced to 38 months in prison, and like Lore, ordered to pay at least $150 a month to the union.

Lore’s legal woes may not be concluded.  Prosecutors with the U.S. Attny. for N.J. are looking into the testimony of two jurors at Lore’s first trial in 2001.  They reportedly saw Lore make a threatening hand gesture to Eugene G’Sell during his testimony that, as a Local 1588 officer, he took his marching orders from Lore even though Lore was supposed to have nothing to do with the union under a consent decree agreed to with the U.S. Attny. in 1992.  Judge Cooper declared a mistrial.  But Lore was convicted in Dec. 2002. [Jersey Journal, 7/11/03]