Violent Union Boss Leaves IL Labor Dept.

Michael Fenger resigned from his position as director of the Ill. Dept. of Labor on Oct. 20.  He had only been director since April, when Democrats were forced to ram his nomination by Gov. Rod Blagojevich through the state senate because of his “criminal background.”


In 1997, Michael Fenger, the Bus. Mgr. of Intl. Bhd. Of Elec. Wrkrs. Local 364 was attending a union protest of non-union workers building the store. Several militants surrounded the truck of a non-union worker as he tried to leave the site. With the truck stopped, two police officers saw Fenger use a five-in. awl to puncture all four tires. Sterling police were videotaping the protest and recorded him puncturing at least one of them.  Fenger was charged with felony criminal damage to property and two misdemeanor charges of property damage and reckless conduct. In a plea agreement, Fenger pled guilty to the misdemeanor charges, and was fined $1,500.


Fenger will be a pension fund mgr. at Vestor Capital Corp. in Lake Forest, IL. [Chicago Tribune, 10/21/03]