Toledo Worker Reports Harassment after Questioning Union Finances

A union dissident in Toledo, Ohio, who raised the possibility of embezzlement at his local union reported that someone threw a brick, 5 bullets and United Auto Wrkrs. stickers through the window of his home on March 3.  The number of bullets is equal to the family of the dissident, Calvin Buckmaster, who is married and has 3 children.


An electrician and member of UAW Local 12, Buckmaster is also part of Union Members for a Better Union, which has criticized the current hierarchy over its negotiations with DaimlerChrysler.  Local 12 represents wrkrs. at the 2 plants where Jeep vehicles are manufactured.  Buckmaster has complained about Local 12 finances for some time, but found fresh grounds for complaint when the union didn’t hold monthly meetings for several months during contract negotiations.  Buckmaster has also complained about the union’s lack of financial disclosure.  When he was allowed to examine the Local’s records, he found vouchers, cancelled checks, and other information missing.


According to a neighbor of Buckmaster’s, a bald man pulled up to his house, threw the brick through the window, and drove away.  Toledo police and the FBI are investigating the incident. [Detroit Free Press, 4/28/04]: Toledo Blade, 4/29/04]