Indicted Ill. Union Boss Re-Elected

Despite facing indictment for labor racketeering with union pensions, Ed Schreier was overwhelmingly re-elected on June 5 as president of the local union whose pension fund he’s accused of misusing.  The union, Local 136 of the Machinery Movers, Riggers & Erectors union, is affiliated with the Intl. Assn. of Iron Wrkrs.  Schreier was indicted early this yr. of accepting a Harley-Davidson motorcycle from an administrative services company in exchange for steering a contract paid by the Local’s pension fund to that company.


If convicted, Schreier will be forced to give up his position.  But his son, Ed, the current vice-pres., would likely succeed his father.  The union’s principal work is at the McCormick Place center, where high prices and union work rules require union members to perform even the simplest tasks.  One od Schreier’s supporters, Frank Derosa, has been identified by the Chic. Crime a reputed organized crime figure.  “He’s a darn good leader,” Derosa said.  “If it wasn’t for Fred Schreier, I wouldn’t have a job down there.” [Chic. Sun-Times, 6/7/04]