Indicted Boss’s Daughter Gets Cushy Payoff

“The main target of the federal probe, longtime Local 91 chief Michael “Butch” Quarcini, died last year, but prosecutors have shown no sign of letting up…


“Things aren’t all bad for all the deposed leaders of Local 91, however.


“Cheryl Cicero, Quarcini’s daughter and for years the extremely well-paid den mother at the union’s Seneca Avenue headquarters, was recently awarded a reported settlement of $94,000 for her “wrongful dismissal” from her duties as Local 91’s secretary and treasurer…


“In case that $94,000 doesn’t make ends meet, though, Cicero will also receive a monthly pension reported at $4,800.


“Nice work if you can lose it.”

— David Staba, Niagara Falls Reporter, June 8, 2004