Ex-Treasurer Admits Theft in Ohio Court

Wendy Braddock was sentenced on July 26 to 3 yrs. probation for stealing $48,000 from the Indian Hill Educ. Assn. between Aug. 1, 2001 and Dec. 1, 2003.  Hamilton County Common Pleas Ct. Judge Melba Marsh sentenced Braddock after making her stand before 4 teachers who sat in the jury box.  Judge Marsh was angry after reading the pre-sentencing report, in which Braddock avoided personal responsibility for the stolen funds with statements such as, “I apparently did this.”


But addressing the teachers in the jury box, Braddock said: “I have no excuse and I have no answers for you.  I took your trust and your money.  I can give back your money, but I can’t give back your trust or your time or your pain.”  Braddock has repaid the amount of the checks she wrote to herself.  She has also lost her teaching certificate and her stake in the teachers’ retirement fund.  Judge Marsh ordered Braddock to continue her mental health treatments and avoid any community activities where she handle money.  If she is caught violating those conditions, Judge Marsh said she would send Braddock to jail for 6 mos.  Braddock pled guilty to theft on June 14. [Cincinnati Post, 7/27/04]