Genovese Thug in New Jersey Accused of Witness Intimidation in ILA Case

Intimidation was Joseph Lore’s specialty, whether on the docks or in the courtroom. As he serves out his sentence in federal prison on embezzlement charges, new evidence from his trial of nearly a half-decade ago underscores how thoroughly he instilled fear in the ranks of Local 1588 of the International Longshoremen’s Association. His job was to make sure that the Bayonne, N.J. union remained a profitable enterprise for the Genovese crime family. A federal RICO investigation appeared to bring that house of cards down. In 1992, as part of a consent decree, Lore vowed to cease all association with the union. Local President Eugene G’Sell, who signed the decree, vowed to clean house. So did his successor, John Angelone. 


It was easier said than done. Lore still ran the show, “persuading” G’Sell and Angelone to participate in, or at least wink at, embezzlement of anywhere from $1.3 million and $2.3 million over the course of the 90s. The most lucrative arrangement was a ghost-employee scam Lore concocted with Local 1588 secretary (and girlfriend) Denise Bohn. He got rough if the union front men were uncooperative, at one point threatening to use a blowtorch on Angelone’s crotch. The feds prosecuted Lore, putting him on the witness stand in December 2001. It was a tough escape act this time because G’Sell and Angelone, each having pled guilty a year and a half earlier, were testifying for the prosecution. Despite an initial mistrial declared by U.S. District Judge Mary Cooper, the jury convicted Lore of conspiracy to embezzle more than $900,000 from the union. Lore was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison, and ordered to make more than $820,000 in restitution. Later, in January 2003, U.S. District Judge John Martin appointed former New York City Police Commissioner Robert McGuire (1978-83) to serve as trustee of Local 1588. McGuire took over the reins from President John Timpanaro, who along with five other current and former union officials, had been indicted by the State of New Jersey for racketeering and extortion.    

As it turned out, the Lore saga isn’t finished. The Genovese family enforcer is now accused of witness intimidation at his trial. During a private sidebar conference between attorneys and the presiding judge, Lore allegedly curled his hand into the shape of a gun, pointed it directly toward G’Sell who was on the witness stand, and silently mouthed, “You’re dead.” If convicted, Lore could get an additional 10 years. The case is independent of an ongoing civil racketeering suit filed last summer in federal court against ILA leaders.  (Associated Press, 6/5/06; other sources).