Connecticut Prosecutor Accused of Embezzlement; Resigns

Speaking of union officials with gambling problems, consider the case of L. Mark Hurley, a state prosecutor for Milford, Connecticut and also treasurer of his union, the Connecticut Association of Prosecutors.  He is currently under state police investigation for allegedly stealing union funds intended for crime victims.  In an e-mail sent to the association executive board, union President Brian Preleski stated that an initial audit found no discrepancies.  But this past March 8, Hurley admitted through lawyer Edward Gavin that he had embezzled between $18,000 and $21,000 during the previous 18 months. 

According to the e-mail, Hurley, 47, would write checks against the union account for certain expenses and then credit the expenditures to vendors.  He then would endorse the checks and deposit the money in his bank account.  Hurley thus far has not been charged with any crime.  Preleski’s e-mail indicated that Hurley intends to make full restitution.  Such an assurance, however, might not suffice for his fellow prosecutors.  At a March 12 meeting, union members demanded that no leniency be shown Hurley, who has admitted to having a gambling problem.  Married with two children, Hurley, according to Gavin, is undergoing “treatment.”  Initially suspended from his position as a supervisory assistant state’s attorney, he resigned on March 14.  (Bridgeport, Connecticut Post Online, 3/8/07; 3/12/07; 3/15/07).