Max Baucus Drunk During Health Care Debate

We have already complained about the media double standard in the coverage of Senator Max Baucus’ (D-MT) recent ethical problems. Now comes the clearest evidence yet in the form of this video. It already has 176,000 views on YouTube but it has so far been ignored by the major TV networks and newspapers. Let’s remember that Baucus is the architect of the Senate-passed health care plan.

Let’s also review what else has the media has virtually ignored. Baucus recommended Melodee Hanes, his live-in ‘girlfriend,’ to the White House for nomination for Montana’s U.S. Attorney’s post. He claimed that he pulled the recommendation only as things heated up, a fact that was contradicted by Jodi Rave, who was at the time a reporter for a Montana newspaper. Rave says that Baucus only pulled it after she informed Baucus’ office that she was going to report on Baucus’ relationship with Hanes.

Even worse, Lee Newspapers in Montana reported that Hanes met at least twice with a divorce lawyer on Baucus’ behalf in 2007, months before Baucus and his wife discussed divorce. According to billing records, Hanes discussed items such as “proposed property settlement,” and “market valuation of house.” Baucus’ office claimed that Hanes met with the divorce lawyer in her “official capacity.” Yeah sure.

This is as tawdry and improper as anything of which Senator John Ensign (R-NV) stands accused. Yet Ensign faces a full-fledged ethics investigation, and nonstop media coverage. Of course, the Ensign story is making everyone’s year-end political scandals list.


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