Citigroup Refuses to Rule Out More ACORN Funding

Citigroup logoBailed-out Citigroup is not ruling out continuing its support for ACORN. Citigroup spokeswoman Andrea Hurst told Fred Lucas of

Just for the time being, we are still basically continuing to review materials as far as the internal audit or investigation is concerned. I don’t really have any comment beyond that at this stage.

Hurst is referring to the recently concluded “investigation” by ACORN ally Scott Harshbarger, a former Attorney General of Massachusetts. In response to NLPC’s request in September that Citigroup to end its support for ACORN, the bank said that it was “awaiting the results of the independent audit of ACORN activities now underway.”

As I told

The Harshbarger report is a whitewash and limited in scope. So, we are fearful that Citigroup will reinstate support based on this whitewash.

We also asked Citigroup to end the membership of one of its executives, Eric Eves, on the ACORN Advisory Board. On October 29, 2009, Citigroup informed us that Eves had resigned.


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