Ex-President, Secretary-Treasurer of Mississippi Guards Local Plead Guilty

Ron Quinn and Rebecca James thought they would get a free ride with their union debit cards and checks. Now the ride is over and the bills are coming due. Quinn and James, respectively, former president and secretary treasurer of International Guards Union of America Local 123, pleaded guilty in Natchez federal court on January 12 to charges of embezzlement of a combined $11,147 in funds from the Port Gibson, Miss. union.

Prosecutors had alleged that Quinn and James, both of whom are residents of Natchez, during January-August 2008 obtained union funds through misusing their union bank account debit cards and checks. They also claimed travel reimbursements on a training seminar in Orlando despite the fact that the same seminar had been available in the Natchez area. Each is scheduled for sentencing on March 23. Defense attorneys have indicated their clients, despite their guilty plea, may object to the sum cited as stolen and hence subject to a restitution order.