NPR Ombudsman Cited Extremist in Defense of Juan Williams Firing

Alicia Shepard photoOn Thursday, National Public Radio’s Alicia Shepard (at right) defended the firing of Juan Williams by claiming on the NPR website:

Even though NPR handled this situation badly, the fact remains that NPR must uphold its journalistic standards, which, after all, provide the basis that earned public radio’s reputation for quality.

Shepard described the unprecedented outpouring of outrage at NPR at the firing but also ballyhooed “hundreds” of listener requests to fire or discipline Williams. She quoted exactly one:

“On the Radio, Williams is somewhat of a thoughtful though superficial moderate while on FOX he shows his politically correct submissive Pro Fox bigotry for a few dollars more,” wrote Mohamed Khodr, a doctor from Winchester, VA, who was among scores who contacted me Wednesday.

“NPR must and should take a stand against this bigotry and tell Williams’ he must choose NPR’s code of ethics or be let go to join the racist bigoted fearmongerers of FOX,” continued Khodr. “NPR can’t have it both ways.”

Shepard’s choice of this “doctor from Winchester, VA” was curious. Even a quick internet search of Khodr’s name would have revealed that he is prolific in pushing ideas like Jews control the American media and Israel had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. And he asks, “why must the world have so many Holocaust museums.”

From a 6/12/10 posting on the Sabah Report website titled “The Israelites: From Slaves in the East to the Master Race of the West:”

After 2,500 years the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel have been found in their true Promised Land-America– their land of milk, honey, money, weapons, vetoes, and extraordinary control and influence over the gentile “greatest” giant.

Each tribe controls one of the promised land’s influential institutions that determine the income, employment opportunities, investments, retirement pensions, lifestyle, education, political agendas at all levels, the social interaction, form of communication, indoctrinating the masses with lies, spin, and propaganda that is imbibed to become the thoughts and opinions, modes of internet communication, academia, separation of church and state, and finally the definition, interpretation, and selective application of the First Amendment of Free Speech, Free Press, Free Religious Practices, Right to Petition and finally Right to Assembly.

What are these Ten Institutions?

Wall Street Banks and Financial Institutions (Goldman Sachs, Bears and Stearns, Lehman Brothers)-The Federal Reserve and World Bank-Congress-White House (Foreign and Military Policies) -Supreme Court-Media-Think Tanks providing politicians with agendas and talking points-Academia–Entertainment Industry-powerful lobbies. such as AIPAC, ADL, ZOA, CPMJO among a slew of stealth PACs around the country.

The Tribal influence on Congress is paramount and bipartisan. The Tribe has thirteen Senators. All are diehard Zionists who put Israel’s interest above America’s.Interests.

From a 12/12/02 posting on Media Monitors Network titled “Response to Rabbi Joel M. Finkelstein:”

The Rabbi wants the Arabs to forget the past which is a convenient strategy for Israel to sweep its guilt and shame under the rug.

Why haven’t the Jews forgotten the Holocaust?

Why must every nation and company own up to its role in Nazi Germany and compensate every Jew to the last cent or else?

Why must the world have so many Holocaust museums, and see Holocaust movies, read holocaust books and magazines to the extent that our Congress funds the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and not fund the W.W.II Veteran Memorial?

From a 1/9/2003 posting on the same website titled “Israel: America’s Shame and Humanity’s Stain:”

There is a reason why our government and our media are not asking the most important question regarding 9/11—the question of WHY only America was attacked. There is a reason why President Bush has refused for a long time to appoint an Independent Commission to examine 9/11. There is a reason why Congressional inquiry only focused on the failures of the FBI/CIA/NSC and not the WHY issue. There is a reason why no media outlet is independently investigating this issue. There is a reason why our government quickly and quietly kicked out 120 Israeli “spies” out of the country soon after 9/11, some were caught on videotape filming the crash into the WTC towers and dancing on rooftops (see FOXNEWS 3 reports by Cameron , later deleted from the website). Much more incriminating information on Israel’s prior knowledge of the attack has been reported abroad but not here. Why did Israel not inform the United States? There is a reason that Bush appointed Henry Kissinger, a powerful Pro-Israeli Jew to head the Independent Commission but who later resigned rather than reveal his “conflict of interest” nations. The reason is Israel and the answer as to WHY there is new found HATE between the U.S. and the Muslim world is simple:

Why do THEY hate US?
Why do WE Hate Them?

Khodr gives us this history lesson in a 12/7/2000 posting on the same website titled “America and Israel: You and Me Against the World:”

Under Jewish pressure and Englands desire to curry favor with American Jews to draw America into the war, Lord Balfour, Englands Foreign Minister, wrote a letter of 68 words to a rich Jew, Lord Rothschild, supporting the establishment of “a” Jewish homeland in Palestine as long as the Non-Jews were taken care of. After WWII, America became the dominant western power. In addition, the Holocaust cemented into the psyche of every westerner the horrors of Jews being murdered. The world was motivated to finally settle these Jews in Palestine. Harry Truman, to curry favor with New Yorks Jews in his election (a pattern followed since then, lately by the newest Islamophobe Hilary Clinton) pressured the U.N. to adopt a resolution approving the Balfour Declaration and a plan to partition Palestine into two states for the Jews and Palestinians.


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