Why Won’t Rep. Meeks Talk About Vegas Trip?

Meeks photoRep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) held what looks like a fundraiser in Las Vegas but he reported no donations from the event. Talk about a bad bet. According to Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein in today’s New York Post:

Meeks purported to hold a fund-raiser in Sin City for his Build America Political Action Committee, but his office refused to say when it took place or who attended. The financial disclosures for the Queens Democrat were similarly vague.

The latest disclosure for the PAC — covering Nov. 23 to Dec. 31, 2010 — shows the group spent $8,063 at the posh Aria resort in Las Vegas for “catering, site rental and lodging.”

During the same period, the PAC took in no donations but paid out more than $18,000 to professional fundraisers. As we have noted in the past, Meeks has been spotted in casinos in at least three countries. It is well know that he likes the action. Could it be that Meeks and his buddies took a holiday gambling trip, and dressed it up to look like a PAC event? Could this be why Meeks had no explanation for the Post?

After NLPC raised questions about his finances last year, Meeks amended his financial disclosure reports in November and listed $3,500 in “gambling winnings” for 2008. Two years late, it was a curious disclosure because he did not specify when or where he won the money or whether it was a net figure in excess of other gambling losses. Of course, the currency of casino gaming is cash and chips, so verifying transactions is difficult.

For a guy who is not only under the scrutiny of the New York media, but also reportedly under investigation by two unrelated grand juries, Meeks sure takes a lot of chances. As the Post points out in this case, maybe “Meeks is hoping that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”