‘Ludicrous’ EPA – NASCAR Partnership

NLPC Associate Fellow Mark Modica appeared Wednesday on Cavuto on Fox Business Network to discuss the new “partnership” between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  and the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Here’s a transcript:

Liz MacDonald:  Well, next up, the EPA, you know what, it is all about clean air. But now critics are saying it is full of hot air. That is because it is partnering with NASCAR to push green initiatives. That includes encouraging the tracks to recycle more, conserve water, sustainability. You get the picture. Mark Modica from the National Legal and Policy Center says you know what, this proves the EPA is clueless. Sir, what did you make of this when you heard this news?

Mark Modica: I just think it is ludicrous, Liz. It shows you how out of touch the administration is. I mean, NASCAR, these guys, I think the cars get about 4 miles to the gallon. And they are going to push a green energy initiative, it is like animal activists going to bull fighters for sponsorship. It just makes no sense. I do not know what they are thinking. I think they could use some recyclable cups, and that’s going to make everything great and NASCAR is going to go green.

Liz MacDonald: We have got a statement from the chief marketing officer of NASCAR, Mark I want you to react to it. He is saying this is a great example of NASCAR’s commitment to green innovation and our role as a leader in sustainability. What do think of that.

Mark Modica: What I make is probably some taxpayer money going to support something in — and some crony is making money somewhere. I just can’t figure it. It makes no sense. I mean, it is like the administration thinks that mainstream America thinks like them, which they do not. People do not want to trade in their vehicles for Chevy Volts. NASCAR fans, I cannot see them trading in their pickups and beer for Chevy Volts and chardonnay. It is just — it is a strange move.

Liz MacDonald: You know, here’s the deal. We have got a comment from the EPA and they are saying NASCAR can be a powerful platform to raise environmental awareness, drive the adoption of safer products by more Americans and support the growing green economy. So they are seeing, no pun intended, NASCAR as a vehicle to promote green awareness. What do you make of that?

Mark Modica: I think it is a vehicle to try to reach more moderate and conservative voters. I have noticed the kind of push lately, particularly with the Chevy Volt and Bob Lutz, to try to make a case that driving Chevy Volts and driving EV’s is going to end terrorism because we are not going to need foreign oil anymore. And it is just a big hoax. When you look at how many EV’s are going to be on the road — we have got 250 million passenger vehicles on the road. And a goal in a few years of having a million EV’s is going to do practically nothing to reduce foreign oil consumption. It is fractional.

Liz MacDonald:  Right. We also, just in separate news, we have got the president visiting a wind company, wind manufacturer tomorrow, in Iowa. What do you make of that?

Mark Modica:  I’d say General Electric is probably making the windmills, and they are making a lot of money on that, I am sure. You know, it’s just solar, wind, electric vehicles, there is just so much money, taxpayer money being spent on these initiatives. The market is not ready for this. The technologies are not ready to make a significant impact. It is just costing billions. They should just stop it already.

Liz MacDonald: All right, Mark Modica with the National Legal and Policy Center, so good to speak with you tonight. Thank you so much for your time.

Mark Modica: Thanks, Liz.