New York City AFSCME Local Secretary Arrested for Theft

AFSCME logoCarlin Dawson was too clever for his own good. Now he’s in need of a good lawyer. On February 3, Dawson, recording secretary for Local 299 of New York City’s American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) District Council 37, was arrested by investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for theft of nearly $8,000 in union funds, plus forgery and criminal possession. The Lower West Side-based Local 299 represents civilian employees of the City police, fire, sanitation and corrections departments. 

Prosecutors allege that Dawson, 37, a City Parks Department worker who served as deputy director of the Hansborough Recreation Center in Harlem, swiped 10 unauthorized union checks, and then endorsed and cashed the checks for his own benefit. The grand total was $7,850. He was suspended from his day job the day after his arrest. No further information on the case has been available since. Representatives of the union have not yet commented on the case.