Queens Politics Paralyzed Amid Reports Ex-Sen. Shirley Huntley Wore FBI Wire

Shirley Huntley photoYesterday, the New York Times reported:

On Friday, prosecutors disclosed that Shirley L. Huntley, when she was a Democratic state senator from Queens, had secretly recorded conversations with seven elected officials and two other people after she was confronted by the F.B.I. and asked about her alleged participation in criminal schemes involving embezzlement and bribery.

NLPC exposed a sham charity Huntley founded called The Parent Workshop, to which she steered tens of thousands in taxpayer money. Our research was first reported in the New York Post of March 6, 2011, apparently triggering the criminal probe.

The nonprofit conducted no activities. Instead, the money was siphoned off by an aide and Huntley’s niece, both of who were previously charged with crimes. Huntley was defeated in a Democratic primary for her seat on September 13, 2012.

NLPC’s Huntley allegations were a byproduct of our investigation of U. S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), and a sham charity with which he was associated called New Direction Local Development Corporation. Among other irregularities, New Direction raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who did not receive any assistance. In the wake of the New Direction revelations, we undertook a review of other charities associated with New York politicians.

Another Queens politician associated with New Direction is State Senator Malcolm Smith who was arrested on April 18, along with several Republican party officials, after the Democrat Smith attempted to bribe his way to GOP ballot line for New York City mayor.

Meeks is a protégé and close associate of State Assemblywoman Vivian Cook who took part in Huntley’s scheme. Cook obtained “member items,” the New York state version of Congressional earmarks, for Huntley’s nonprofits. Reportedly, Huntley rewarded Cook with shopping trips with taxpayer funds. Cook has not yet been charged with a crime.

Our Queens sources tell us that when it was reported that Huntley wore a wire, panic ensued among the political class. We are told, “They are paralyzed with anxiety. Since the only way they know how to play is the dirty way, no one wants to talk to anyone else. Its almost as if corruption has ground to a halt.”


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