Media Notices GM Refusal on Brake Line Recall Request

rusted brake lineOn May 13, we asked GM to recall Chevy Silverados and other pickups and SUVs with a brake line corrosion problem. GM responded by claiming that it was a “maintenance issue” and therefore not a reason to order a recall.

The media is finally paying attention to the issue. Yesterday, Bloomberg ran a story titled “GM’s Rusting Brake Lines Don’t Make the Cut in Record Recalls,” by Jeff Plungis and Jeff Green. From the piece:

“They seem to be doing a lot of recalls, but on closer investigation, you find they’re more hesitant to do the recalls that cost more money,” said Mark Modica, an associate fellow with the National Legal and Policy Center, who was a onetime GM bondholder and a former manager at a Saturn dealership in Pennsylvania. “GM’s response has been quite callous.”

The New York Times also covered the issue yesterday in an article titled “G.M. Resists Recalling Trucks Over Brake Line,” by Christopher Jensen.

Likewise, James R. Hood of the Consumer Affairs website posted a piece titled, “GM Truck Owners Say Safety Review Has Ignored Brake-Line Corrosion Issue,” which extensively quotes Modica.

Let’s hope this media attention will prompt GM and/or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to act. The fact that Subaru last week ordered a recall for the exact same problem should also increase pressure on GM to do the right thing.

Our March 19 request for a recall of vehicles with a power steering loss defect received a much quicker response. On March 31, GM announced it would recall 1.3 million vehicles.

(photo of rusted brake lines courtesy of GM vehicle owner Joe Palumbo)