Sharpton’s Shakedowns Get Scrutiny

Getting attention is our request that Walmart and other big companies stop funding Al Sharpton and his organization, the National Action Network (NAN), in the wake of the police murders in New York City. On January 5, I was a guest on “Fox and Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

I was also a guest on Money With Melissa Francis on the Fox Business Network.

Additionally, I was interviewed on CBS Insider, a syndicated TV program, and I was a guest on several radio shows.

On September 4, the New York Post published a front-page story on Sharpton’s shakedowns. From the article:

Al Sharpton has enriched himself and NAN for years by threatening companies with bad publicity if they didn’t come to terms with him. Put simply, Sharpton specializes in shakedowns,” said Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal & Policy Center, a Virginia-based watchdog group that has produced a book on Sharpton.

The article contains previously unreported information about New York hedge fund Plainfield Asset Management, which made a $500,000 contribution to a nonprofit called Reform Education Now. The money was transferred to NAN. Plainfield held a major stake in a firm that was seeking a lucrative casino gambling license at Aqueduct Raceway. Sharpton reportedly lobbied Governor David Paterson for the bid.

The Post article detailed Sharpton shakedowns going back over a decade. More recent corporate support for Sharpton is detailed in our reports from recent Sharpton fundraising events, including the 2012 NAN convention and Sharpton’s 60th birthday party last year.

NLPC is about to publish a book titled Sharpton: A Demagogue’s Rise. Written by NLPC staffer Dr. Carl Horowitz, the 300-page book will be the authoritative account of Sharpton’s life and activism. Here are the notes from the book jacket:

In August 2014, a white police officer shot Michael Brown, a black 18-year old in Ferguson, Missouri, triggering nationwide protests and riots. Ironically, President Obama’s point man from the start was Reverend Al Sharpton, a native New Yorker whose entire career has been about fomenting discord and lawlessness under the guise of black “civil rights.”

Sharpton, unapologetically, has been at this for decades. Unfortunately, he has many supporters. And they include people wealthy and smart enough to know better. Only weeks after the Ferguson shooting, Sharpton was feted with a 60th birthday dinner at a swank Manhattan restaurant. Most of the New York political establishment was there, along with singer Aretha Franklin. Big corporations like Walmart, Verizon, and McDonald’s underwrote the party.

How did this street hustler attain this kind of power and respectability? The answers lie within.


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