Virginia Police Officers Charged with Embezzling from Union

Police badgeCops normally enforce the law.  Randolph Brann and Jacob Wright, both cops, apparently broke it.  On September 2, Brann and Wright, veteran officers with the Norfolk, Virginia Police Department, were charged with four counts each of felony embezzlement from their union, the International Brotherhood of Police Officers.  They were placed on administrative leave and will remain there pending the results of an internal investigation.  No court dated yet has been set.

According to the grand jury indictments, Officers Brann and Wright, who had served on the Norfolk police force for seven years, stole funds from their union of an unspecified amount during January 1, 2011-December 1, 2014.  Brann, 49, who was part of a fugitive unit that won a top cop award in 2014, was union president until he resigned the latter post several years ago.  Wright, 35, served as union treasurer.  Michael McKenna, a national representative for the union, said thousands of dollars had been stolen over this nearly four-year period.  The indictments stemmed from an off-duty issue investigated by Virginia State Police.  The local police department says it is cooperating with state police and prosecutors.