Google, Facebook, Twitter Execs Asked to End Support for ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Wake of Baton Rouge Police Murders

In the wake of the murder of three police officers in Baton Rouge, we are today asking Eric Schmidt of Google, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey of Twitter to end their personal and corporate support for Black Lives Matter (BLM). The letters read in part:

Billionaires don’t have to worry about their personal security, but working people and the poor do.

Your support for Black Lives Matter is helping to fray the social fabric in cities all over the country, cities in which you do not live. The American people — both liberal and conservative — are increasingly concerned about corporate executives who put their own interests above those of our country.

BLM deliberately and recklessly seeks to poison the relationship between the police and ordinary citizens.

The most successful police forces practice community-based policing, which relies on mutual trust and respect. That is why it has been widely adopted across the country. The relationship between the police and the community is a delicate ecosystem that requires constant attention. That is why it is easy prey for demagogues and why it has been targeted for destruction by BLM.

BLM’s mission is based on grievance, the deaths of African-American suspects in police custody, but in almost every case, the grievance is based on lies and/or exaggerations. Police officers are accused of “murder” and “genocide,” only to be exonerated when granted their right to due process.

Of course, egregious police misconduct does occur, but BLM’s furious and predictable reaction to every incident, either real, fake or imagined, creates public cynicism and trivializes the real cases.

BLM is not a civil rights group. Its not even a single identifiable group but its goal is clear. BLM seeks to disrupt the front line of civil authority, so that it can someday destroy the rest. It has attracted a variety of adherents who advocate violence, hatred and anti-democratic ideologies.

Police officers are working people. They keep us safe. If police continue to be slandered and vilified with your support, qualified people will not want to become police officers. Good officers will quit. Of course, this downward spiral is what BLM wants.

Political correctness and radical chic may be fashionable in Silicon Valley, but you now must face the reality that three more police officers have been murdered. Your support of BLM has consequences.

You must be held accountable for your words and actions that enable domestic terror. If more American cities burn while you accumulate unimaginable wealth in the isolated safety of Silicon Valley, you risk the wrath of the American people.

I look forward to your response. END LETTER


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